Change the language in beamer

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Hi, everyone, what i want is to put in the label of the theorem box, the word Teorema instead of Theorem. For this i added the package babel and define in the preamble:


but it doesn't work.

Any other option to change that title of the theorem box would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

There doesn't seem to be a

There doesn't seem to be a solution to rename the standard theorem-like
objects defined by beamer. Although there is reference to translator.sty in
the beamer files that should do the job, the file is not currently part of
the beamer distribution. I believe it will be available with a future
beamer release.

Instead, new theorem-like objects with different names can be defined. I've done this in the attached sample document for French. Notice that there is now a factF, theoremF, etc. Item Tag available. I've also included sample theorems in the body of the document.  If you need this for some other language, you should be able to easily adapt the sample document.

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Thank you very much, one more

Thank you very much, one more question, how can i change the names of the labels that appear when selecting factF, theoremF, etc., that is, how to change the labels   Corollaire, Définition, Exemple,Fait, etc.

Thank you very much.

You would make the changes in

You would make the changes in the document preamble.  Use Typeset, Preamble.

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But how can i clone a theorem

But how can i clone a theorem tag?.

Thank you.

You can create arbitrary

You can create arbitrary theorem-like environments using the \newtheorm statement in the document preamble.  See 734: Numbering theorem-like environments for some discussion of the \newtheorem statement.  After adding \newtheorem statements to the document preamble, save, close, and reopen the document.  The newly added theorem-like enviornments can then be selected from the Item Tag pop up list.