Proper Installation of achemso bundle from the ACS

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 Hello.  I am a frequent user of SWP5.5 for formatting of many chemistry research documents.

I would like to use the new (released 3/11/11) achemso bundle.  It is freely available from the American Chemical Society.  The documentation assumes native LATEX, and I can't seem to get SWP to compile the document, even the sample document, without significant error.  From the user manual:

 The package is supplied in dtx format and as a pre-extracted xip file,  The later is most convenient for must users: simply unzip this in your local texmf directory and run texhash to update the database of file locations.  If you want to unpack the dtx yourself, running tex achemso.dtx will extract the package whereas latex achemso.dts will extract it and also typeset the documentation.

Further, the documentation states that to compile without error I need the following packages (of which I am missing those striked):

  • array
  • booktabs
  • hypdoc
  • listings
  • lmodern
  • mathpazo
  • microtype
  • caption
  • cleveref
  • float
  • geometry
  • natbib
  • setspace
  • xkeyval

Is there a way to install this simply?  It seems I can obtain the missing packages from CTAN.  I am usually pretty good at knowing where to put *.sty *.cls files within the SWP directory, but when I try to open the achemso-demo.tex file, SWP says it can't find the achemso in SWP55\Styles\ directory, but I see it there.

Any help would be great.  I apologize in advance for any questions that are novice.  I am learning SWP as I go along, so many things like these problems are new for me and I've done significnat searching to find solutions yet come up clueless.

Thank you!


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 Well, I feel silly.  I

 Well, I feel silly.  I wasn't getting any hits on the MacKichan support pages, but just found it.  I may have found a solution and will update if I am still having trouble.