New Abstract in Washington University Sheet

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 Dear all,


I have been a problem with this program. In fact, I have 2 problems:


i) I need to put blank pages after the front page, after "acknowledgements" and after "dedition" sheets. I try with a lot of things but dosen't works.


ii) I want to put 2 "different" abstract pages after the front page. How could do this? The first one in English and the second one in Spanish.


I put a example of my Washington Sheet Tesis.


Many thanks.

Tesis v.10.pdf22.11 KB
Tesis v.10.tex4.54 KB

i) See the recent thread on

i) See the recent thread on this forum for information on adding blank pages: How to create a blank page?  Attached is a modification of your sample that demonstrates the technique.

ii) I think you will just need to add a couple more pages to the body of the document before the [acknowledgments] encapsulated TeX field.  The abstract used by the typesetting specification is fairly closely tied to other front matter elements since it is designed exactly for UWa.

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Ok George, many thanks.   RCM

Ok George, many thanks.