DVI not typesetting all pages, but PDF is.

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I have two chapters in a dissertation with a lot of tables.

Currently I cannot Typeset DVI it (SWP 5.50 Build 2960). It compiles with no errors, but only gives me some of the pages. I cannot figure out why it is stopping as I'm not getting any error messages.

PDF typeset works fine and it gives me the whole document. The problem with PDF is that my graphs are now a problem. I can only see the top left corner of the graph in PDF Typset.

I had a problem with "Too may unprocessed floats", but after reading the techtalk topic on if I fixed it with a \Clearpage.

I've tried just using a \Begin{table| and removing the [htbp] and I've even tried just using [h], but I just cannot get it to DVI Typeset.

Has anybody come across the problem before?

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Save your document and then

Save your document and then use Typeset, Compile.  If there are errors during the compile, bypass and complete the compile by pressing r and Enter.  When finsished, there will be a .log file.  Inspect the .log file which should give some clue as to why the compile does not include the entire document.

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I've saved the document, but

I've saved the document, but I see that the Typeset --> Compile and Typeset --> Compile PDF are both greyed out.

Each chapter is a sub-document and I see that if I open the main document I can select Typeset --> Compile, it is no longer greyed out. As I don't want to compile the whole document, just these chapters, is there another way of doing this?

When I compile the whole document I don't get a *.log file. It correctly shows the first 3 chapter, the ones without all the tables, but also stop in the middle of the 4th one. The same one I'm having problems with.


Here's a little more

Here's a little more information, in addition to Philip's reply.

Compile is not available for subdocuments since a subdocument is just a fragment and not a complete document.  When you use Preview (or Preview PDF) a complete document is created by using the front matter and preamble elements from the master document.  This new temporary document is named swp####.tex (where #### is the next available sequential number starting from zero) and saved in the same directory with the master document.  So, after previewing a subdocument you can inspect the directory containing the documents and find the newest files.  This will included the .dvi or .pdf file and the .log file.

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Your main document should

Your main document should have a bunch of fields whose titles are "[Include xxx]" where you'll recognize xxx as the name of a subdocument. If you double-click on one of the include's you'll get a dialog allowing you exclude it from print/compilation.

I'm a bit surprised that you don't get a .log file. Make sure you save the master document before trying to compile it: in my experience this will generate a log file (in the same folder as the main document).

If none of this helps, your only course is to post the entire document (as a wrap( *.rap) file. Maybe then we can figure it out.

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I was able to get a log when

I was able to get a log when I typset the document on a different computer, not too sure why.

I've changed all the [htbp] to [H] and that worked. For now I just want to be able to print and interpret all my tables, at a later stage when I'm polishing up the fine draft I may come back to the forums if I have problems with the tables again.

Thanks for the comments and feedback.