Line Spacing (1.5 vs. one and a half)

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 Hi all,

I am writing my thesis using SWP 5 and the standard artcile document class/shell. In order to change the line spacing from one to one and a half spacing I used the "setspace" package and changed spacing to one and a half in the package options. In order to compare my spacing to that of a colleague I printed out both some of her and my work to compare. We both use one and a half spacing and font size is 11pt, only that she uses LATEX directly, i.e., no SWP. Strangely, I fit more lines in a given space than she does implying my real spacing is less than one and a half.

After some reading I tried going manual and added \setstretch{1.5} to the preamble, and this increased the number of pages significantly. Comparison revealed that now I am REALLY using one and a half spacing. 


Does anyone have a justification for this?? I find this super strange. Obviously, the predefine option in the package "one and a half" is not really one and a half.




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SWP uses the setspace

SWP uses the setspace package, which was written by a third party but is generally accepted as using correct typesetting conventions. It is true that this package uses a smaller value for \setstretch.  The exact amount used varies with the base point size used in the document. A justification for this decision is given at

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 Hi John, Thanks for the

 Hi John,

Thanks for the answer. This sheds some light on the issue. However, I still have to say that this feature is very, very misleading. Should not have been done this way, just my two cents.




Just to clarify your earlier

Just to clarify your earlier comment of "We both use one and a half spacing and font size is 11pt, only that she uses LATEX directly, i.e., no SWP."  When you typeset the document you are BOTH using LaTeX.  The general advise for the LaTeX community to change the line spacing in a document is to use the setspace package.  The SW interface allows you to add the setspace package and select one of the predefined spacing options.  Your colleague must be using some other method to adjust the line spacing.  If you knew what that method is, you could also apply it to your SW document.

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 Hi George,   this what my

 Hi George,


this what my colleague uses:

 \documentclass[11pt, a4paper, oneside]{book}




So, she uses baselinestretch to set the spacing. She uses book class, too, while I use article.

You are absolutely right on SWP vs. LATEX.