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 Hi John and George:

The book I have written, using SWP 5.5 (2960), includes about 200 figures many of which are inserted using the Wrapfig package. The current draft of the book uses the jpg format for the graphics which works fine as usual. However, the graphics were generated using Adobe Illustrator and I want the published version of the book to have the better quality vector graphics rather than the raster graphics. As recommended in SWP5.5, I converted the AI file to illustrator 3 format using Adobe Illustrator CS5. This file was accepted fine by SWP5.5, but the graphics are corrupted on generation of a pdf output file by SWP. For example, both solid and dashed lines both appear as thin solid lines. I presume this is due to the pdf converter built into SW as discussed in prior contributions to this Forum. My request is for your recommendation as to the best and most convenient approach that I should use for including vector graphics in SWP.

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Doug Cline

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 Hey, better

 Hey, better from Adobe CS5 Illustrator save them as pdf and use an encapsulated to import graphics with LaTeX code.

We don't have a "best and

We don't have a "best and most convenient" recommendation since it can be different for each person depending on how the graphics are created.  My suggestion would be to try several methods in a test document to find the method that gives the best results.

When I print from SWP to pdf

When I print from SWP to pdf directly the graphics always seem degraded.

When I produce a dvi file first (via the built-in TrueTeX) and print from there to a pdf printer the graphics look great.

My guess is that you went the first route.


If using .png or .jpg

If using .png or .jpg graphics, then the information at can be used so SW will include the graphics files directly.  Otherwise the graphics go through a conversion filter that can change the appearance of the graphics.

Creating a DVI and then using Acrobat or some other product to do the conversion to PDF uses a very different process.