MTPro2 fonts and other matters

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I am trying to install MTPro2 fonts on my Windows 7 (64 bit) machine for use with SWP. A few years ago I installed these on an XP machine with the help of a post on the forum. I would like to read through this post again.

Also, I have not been able to open an rtf file created using Word 2007 in swp nor import non-swp latex into an open swp document. In either case, I get a message similar to,

"The file <path>\<filename>-temp0.tex is not valid for the selected filter.

(I attached a screen capture of an actual message.)

For example, I was not able to import the simple test file:

This is a test file.

I have used both of these features extensively on my XP machine. Does anyone know what is going on here?



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The RTF format used by Word

The RTF format used by Word 2007 seems to be enough different that it causes problems for the conversion program included with SW.  What I've seen work is to open the RTF file using WordPad, then save using WordPad.  The resulting RTF file can then be converted.

I can't explain the import problems you are seeing.  Try importing checkout.tex from the SWSamples directory (since it's a known file).  If that fails then the only guess is that you have a damaged installation.

I was able to find only one

I was able to find only one message that contained "mtpro2".  Here is the message thread (showing only the body of the messages as finding the header information is much more involved):

I would like to use Michael Spivak's Mathtime Professional II fonts in some of my documents. This is normally accomplished by adding the code \usepackage{mtpro2} to the preamble of the document. However, this causes an error (Sorry, pdftex has encountered a problem and needs to shut down...) when using the pdftex option in SWP. Any suggestions? Thanks
I would try a different LaTeX distribution.  A suggestion is TeX Live 2007.
Actually, I had installed the fonts incorrectly. A colleague pointed me in the correct direction. MathTime Professional II fonts work very well with SWP.

I can only do text searches of the old messages, so if you think there was a different thread, let me know what keyword to search for and I'll try again.

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Hello, You found the correct


You found the correct thread, I thought I had incluced more about what I did the last time I install the MTPro2 fonts. I keep getting messages like

pdfTeX warning: pdflatex.exe (file mt2mbf): Font mt2mbf at 330 not found

SW correctly imports LaTeX files so it must be a problem with my SWP install.

I will try your strategy for importing rtf files.



The problem may be that

The problem may be that pdflatex doesn't know about the font.  Following are instructions for adding the font needed by the yhmath package for use with pdftex included with SW. Probably the key step in adding fonts for pdflatex has to do with updating the map file (step 11).

Both the package files and font files must be downloaded and installed to use the yhmath package. Following are a number of steps that I used. I did have some trouble using the yhmath font from CTAN. I was able to locate a usable font after doing a web search.  The steps below reflect changes that I made to get the yhmath package to work.

1. Download the package from from CTAN home /tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/yhmath.
2. Unzip
3. Run LaTeX on yhmath.ins
4. Move the resulting files yhmath.sty and OMXyhex.fd to TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX\contrib\yhmath
5. Download the fonts from from CTAN home /tex-archive/fonts/yhmath.
6. Unzip
7. Move the yhcmex10.tfm and yrcmex10.tfm to TCITeX\fonts\tfm\yhmath
8. Move yhcmex10.vf to TCITeX\fonts\vf\yhmath
9. Did not use yhcmex.pfa.  Instead found a font at (attached).  Download and move to TCITeX\fonts\type1\yhmath.
10. Create a sample document that uses the yhmath features:

\documentclass{article} \usepackage{yhmath}

$$ \widehat{A}, \widehat{AB}, \widehat{ABC}, \widehat{ABCD}, \widehat{ABCDE}, \widehat{ABCDEF}, \widehat{ABCDEFG} $$

$$ \widetilde{A}, \widetilde{AB}, \widetilde{ABC}, \widetilde{ABCD}, \widetilde{ABCDE}, \widetilde{ABCDEF}, \widetilde{ABCDEFG} $$


11. Add knowledge of the yhmath fonts to pdftex.  Edit the file TCITeX\pdftex\config\ and add this line to the end of the file:

yrcmex10 Yhcmex <yhcmex.pfb

12. Open the sample document and create a PDF file. A successful test will have wide accents on all the examples.

To use the package with your existing documents, use Typeset, Options and Packages, choose the Go Native button and add the line "{yhmath}" (without the quotes).