How to create a blank page?

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 Hi.I would like to ask : How I can create blank pages to a document?I tried some combinations using the breaks ,newpage and pagebreak without result. 

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LaTeX throws away page breaks

LaTeX throws away page breaks if there are more than one in a row.  This is similar to how white space is treated by LaTeX where one space or any number of spaces mean the same thing, as well as one blank line or any number of blank lines mean the same thing.

You will need to add something between the page breaks to force a blank page.  A required space of some sort should work, either vertical or horizontal.  Since I'm thinking in vertical mode when I've had to do this before, I'll use Insert, Spacing, Vertical Space, then from the dialog I'll select Custom, some non-negative value, and most importantly select "Always" in the Typeset group.

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 It works.Thank you very much

 It works.Thank you very much for your help.