Error running TeX, pdf file not created

Hi, I’ve been trying to create a pdf file using Typeset PDF Preview but I get the message: “Error running TeX, pdf file not created”. I’m able to use the DVI Previewer but not to create the pdf, so I can't get a log file just by using the Typeset PDF Preview. I’m attaching the tex file I'm using and some print-screens of the error messages. Just for reference I also include the log file I got when using the typeset dvi previewer. Hope somebody can help out.

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Tesis_doc.log6.09 KB
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 There's not enough

 There's not enough informqtion to say what's happening.  Look in c:\users\jordi\appdata\local\temp for the .log file created during the pdf compile.  This is your temporary directory.  Maybe the contents of this file will help.  Check that you are using the most recent available build.  You are using a custom typesetting specification, so there my be something done by the specification that's causing the problem.

 Thanks, George Unfortunately

 Thanks, George

Unfortunately it was difficult to figure out the answer of this.  No log file was generated from any attempt to use the pdf compile, so there was no way to track what was causing the trouble.  In the end I had to unistall the software and in the process I realised the web2c folder inside C:swp55/TCITex was corrupted.  Only after a checkdisk I could reinstall SWP and now the pdf compile works fine (with the same CLS and CST files I modified on my own).  Thanks for the help, anyway and just hope nobody gets the same problem :D