Once more - figur in the footer

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After modifications new fragment of my preamble looks:

\rhead{Title of This Document}
\lfoot{By Author}
"Scientific Word";type "GRAPHIC";maintain-aspect-ratio TRUE;display
"USEDEF";valid_file "F";width 2.4751in;height 1.107in;depth
0in;original-width 2.4336in;original-height 1.0732in;cropleft "0";croptop
"1";cropright "1";cropbottom "0";filename
'g:/doc/Wyklady/WWSI/Analiza_Projekt/UE.jpg';file-properties "XNPEU";}}
\rfoot{Page:\ \thepage}

These changes generate an error:

! Latex error: Not in outer par mode.


l. 70 \end{document}


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The error is caused by using

The error is caused by using a floating graphics.  If you change your original graphics to be inline, then you won't get the error.

You might also want to save your sample document using the Portable LaTeX file type.  The \FRAME macro would not generate the correct information if you typeset for PDF, but if you save using the Portable LaTeX file type you should be able to compile for either DVI or PDF.  This will probably require that you add the graphicx package to your document if the SW/SWP/SN file type is used by the document.

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Thanks George for your

Thanks George for your time,

1. I opened new file

2. added fancyhdr & graphicx packages

3. added figure I want to be in the footer

4. added the fragment from ...381.htm

5. saved as Portable Latex

6. open *.bak in text editor

7. copied the fragment you suggested

8. *.dvi - works, *.pdf - does not work.


What is wrong?


Best regards


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I can't guess as to what is

I can't guess as to what is causing a problem with the information in your message.

I'll send you a sample document that works for either DVI or PDF.

Could you please post this

Could you please post this file, I am too trying to achieve this.

In particular I want to have pdf and dvi preview for graphics included in the footer (with the fancyhdr package), with minimal workarounds.

Thank you very much in advance,


The sample document is

The sample document is attached.  Remember that you will need to modify the \graphicspath statement that is in the document preamble to point to the directory where the included graphics file is located.

Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. It works, but I have an additional problem which is the following. I intend to use this file in multiple computers, and therefore my paths must be relative. Absolute paths work like a charm. But relative paths work with dvi preview, but not with pdf preview. It seems that pdftex is trying to find the dir inside its own directory.

It seems that the only solution is to go out this directory and then go to the desired location, for instance: \graphicspath{{../../../../../../forum_SWP/images/}}

but this defeats the purpose of portability. Is there a way to tell pdftext that he should go to the dir where the tex file is and then go to the dir "images"

Something similiar to the  command "jobname" but more like "pathname"?

Any feedback will be deeply appreciated. Best regards,


Use a \graphicspath statement

Use a \graphicspath statement that references the correct directory for each computer where the document is to be compiled.  That is, something like:


The \graphicspath macro should allow an arbitrary number of directories.

Hi again, Thank you very much

Hi again,

Thank you very much for the hint, but that is not really what I want. Using your answer I must know apriori the absolute location of the images. Imagine that I send the file to a colleague of mine, and that I don't know anything about is structure of folders. I should be able to say to him that the folder with the images should be on the same folder that the main tex file is. Isn't it possible, can't I say to pdftex to search in a given relative path to the main tex file.

Once again best regards and thank you for your time.

If your colleague is using

If your colleague is using SW, then the easiest thing to do is just to include instructions that the \graphicspath statement needs to be updated to reflect where the document and graphics are saved.  If some other LaTeX installation is compiling the document, then if the graphics and document are located in the same directory and no path information is added to the graphics file name, then the compile should be successful.  There may be some other way to tell pdflatex where to look for graphics, but I don't know what that is, so that would be much more difficult than updating the \graphicspath statement.

Anyone? I even tried the fink


I even tried the fink package but to no avail.

Any sugestions?




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It is OK now. Your sample.tex

It is OK now. Your sample.tex works.




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