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For an article, I do not wanna include page number for stuff in FRONTMATTER. I use \thispagestyle{empty} for a blank page in the maintext, but my stuff in FRONTMATTER extends to two pages, then the first page is still numbered but the second one is not.


How to fix it? Thanks!

Try adding a TeX field with

Try adding a TeX field with \thispagstyle{empty} located with the text that appears on the second page.

If that doesn't work, you may need to instead use \pagestyle{empty} and then \pagestyle{plain} at the point where you want the page numbers to again appear.

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Is there a way to change the

Is there a way to change the style of FRONTMATTER?

In my case, it has about one or two lines into second page but I hope one page can cover all.

 I think as you mentioned I suppress the number of page on the extra pages for FRONTMATTER by putting a Tex field before the text Abstract

Yes, the typesetting for the

Yes, the typesetting for the front matter elements can be changed.  However, I can't offer any specific advice without further details.  Post a sample document that shows what you are currently seeing and also describe what you need.