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I'm having problems referencing figures in my thesis.

If I set the figure placement to Floating and give it a reference that reference does not show up when I compile my document. There is just a blank space in the DVI, no matter how many times I compile it. An example: "Figure  will be used ..."

If I set the figure placement to In Line or Displayed I see two questionsmarks, ??, in the compiled document. An example: "Figure  ?? will be used ...".

Firstly, any suggestion as to why I cannot see the figure numbers when I reference is.
Secondly, why would it be displaying differently if it is In line, displayed or floating?

I'm using my own style bases on a SEBOOK style.
In the Style Editor the Cross Reference for the figures is set to chapterCount"."figureCount under Elements --> Floating Figure Caption, but nothing it appears not to be doing anything. I can even change the Caption Components for the figures and it does nothing.

Everything is working for my tables. If I change anything under Floating Table Caption I can see it changing when I compile the document.

I just realized that if I change the label component under Paragraph Style --> Label --> Label Components then I can change the label part of the figure, but it does not help me with the cross-referencing.


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You are describing things

You are describing things correctly.  With "figureCount" in Elements, Floating Figure Caption, and the Cross Reference button you should be getting cross references to resolve.  The behavior indicates that the cross reference is being resolved, but to something that typesets as white space.

Compare the behavior with the original .sty file and then with your .sty file.  If you are seeing different behavior, see if you can determine what is different between something that works and something that doesn't.

If you continue to have difficulty, post your .sty file, the .cst file, a sample .tex and graphics file that demonstrates the problem.  Hopefully the problem can be located by inspecting the files.

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Thanks for the comment. The

Thanks for the comment. The typsetting as something that is white space got me on the right track.

My Parts --> Division --> Chapter --> Counter was set to override floating figure labels, but not floating table label, and as there was only white space under that settings that was what was being typeset.

All the cross referencing and figures labels are no working.