Adding and using the package PGF


I am new to this forum and I have been contacted by someone who has been advised to use the package 'pgf' to produce graphics.  I've found the pgf directory in  C:\swp55\TCITeX\LaTeX\contrib\pgf, but in Scientific Workplace (v. 5.5 build 2960) when I try to add 'pgf' via the Package Options tab (Typeset menu | Options and Packages) it is not available to add.

A colleague advised me to look in c:\swp55\typeset and open the "classes.pkg" file in Wordpad and then add 'pgf' to the list of packages under the section headed [article].  Now when I open Package Options | Add, pgf is an available package to add, though it doesn't have any options available for it. 


Please could you advise on how to add pgf correctly so that the package options are available and do you have a sample file that I could try to ensure it works?

Many thanks for your help,


When you use Typeset, Options

When you use Typeset, Options and Packages, then the Package Options tab and the Add button, the list of available packages is controlled by a file installed with SW.  For each documentclass there is a list of packages that can be added.  The list for most documentclass types is the same, but there are some cases where a package conflict was detected and that package is not available for a particular class.

Any package can be added to a document by using the Going native method as described at 455: How to add and remove LaTeX packages.  Configuring the list of packages for a class and the options for a package is described at 679: Modifying the program interface for added LaTeX packages.

I have previously been asked about the TikZ package which is contained in the pgf package.  My response is:  The pgf package (which includes TikZ) is included with SW since it is needed by the Beamer package.  This is not the most recent version of the package as there is a conflict with the newer version and the LaTeX included with SW.  See the package documentation in the directory TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX\contrib\pgf\doc\generic\pgf\version-for-pdftex\en.  I don't know how successful you might be in using this package with SW and can't offer any advice.  You may be limited to compiling only for PDF, for example.