fl typesets as a little box

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The combination fl typesets as a little box.  I remember this problem from years ago, but don't remember the solution.  Please remind me how to solve it, or direct me to the location of the soution.  


Gene Saletan

One cause of ligature

One cause of ligature problems is using Vista or Windows 7 and an earlier build.  This problem is discussed at 737: Using SWP, SW, or SNB with Windows Vista or Windows 7 in the Ligature issues with OpenType fonts section.

If this doesn't help, then more details are needed, like the version of Windows you are using, the document typesetting specification being used, if typesetting for DVI or PDF, if the problem is during preview or only when printing.

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Thanks.  The problem is

Thanks.  The problem is solved.  As usual, your support provides accurate qnd rapid soilutions to problems that arise.  Yours is the best tech support out there.  If only other software providers would model themselves on you, life would be much easier.