Animated gif in Beamer with SWP?

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Is it possible to put an animated graphic (currently a gif) in a Beamer presentation when I'm using SWP? I've played around with doing this using the animate and movie15 packages with no luck. Using animate, I run into a problem of not being able to enable e-TeX. With movie15 I can successfully produce a PDF, but the graphic won't show up.

Any tips would be appreciated.

The .gif graphics type is not

The .gif graphics type is not usable by pdfLaTeX, so it would be converted to another graphics type, probably showing only the static version of the graphics.

There is some information about animations in the PackageSample-beamer.tex document in the SWSamples directory.

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Thanks. This eventually led

Thanks. This eventually led me to the solution, which involves breaking the animation into separate images and using the \animate command followed by \multiinclude. The downside is that it produces a lot of slides, but that's not a problem in my case.