problem with portable latex

My professor (/coauthor) uses scientific workplace, and he often screw up my original latex commands.

He said that when he receives my original latex document, he revises it using the scientific workplace and saves it as "portable latex." He said that the portable latex is supposed to be flawless. However, I often find that it changes my original latex commands, yielding a different pdf than I originally wanted. Here are some examples:

(1) I use



--> After my professor works on the document and saves it as "portable latex", the commands become



The reason why I want to keep the \eqnarray is that \pause in Beamer works only in \eqnarray but not in \align. Is there any way to keep \eqnarray?

(2) I sometimes use


\uncover<2,3>{math expression}

\uncover<3>{math expression}


--> After my professor works on the document, the commands become

\uncover<2,3>{} math expression

\uncover<3>{} math expression

Is there any way to fix this?

(3) So, it seems like the "portable latex" automatically changes some latex commands. Is there any way to change the rules imposed by the "portable latex"?

If it is possible to fix the problems described above, I will ask my professor to fix the scientific workplace system so that I can collaborate with him more effectively. Since he is extremely busy, he might ask me to fix his system in his computer. In that case, I may have to access to his computer, but I am not familiar to the scientific workplace, so I would really appreciate it if some of you can explain how to fix the problems clearly.


Thank you in advance!


1.  It's not clear why this

1.  It's not clear why this design decision was made, and at this point it can't be changed.  A work around would be to add the following to your document preamble so eqnarray is actually used instead of align:


2. No, I can't think of a way to work around this.  SW as not designed to deal with the Beamer syntax. 

3. Part of the conversion is table driven and part isn't, so the general answer is no, but there are exceptions depending on what needs to change.


Thanks a lot for the

Thanks a lot for the response!

However, the suggested solution doesn't seem to change the behavior of SW: I still got my original \eqnarray being changed to \align after my professor ressaved my original latex document using his "portable latex" in SW.

So, I guess SW is not compatible with other Latex program. I kinda don't understand why the SW's portable latex "forces" \eqnarray to be changed to \align. That makes the portable latex not portable.

There must be a file that filters the behavior of portable latex (e.g. \eqnarray to \align). If that filter could be manually modified by users, that would be great for people who want to collaborate with non-SW latex users. Any idea?

Thank you so much!