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 I want to add some jpeg/png files into the regular blank LaTex article. But I notice that a relatively large graphic file was compressed too much when imported into SWP.

So I am thinking keeping that file as a PDF and combine the maintext together with this file later. But in this case, I have several graphic files to be inserted into different places of the article. I do not want to break down the article into several parts and combine them later. That makes reference and footnotes index incorrect.

Is it possible to add a PDF (converting jpeg to pdf first) file to SWP? or any other good suggestions for importing graphic files? Thanks,

The included graphics can be

The included graphics can be converted, even though they don't need to be when .jpg or .png files are being used.  See for the steps to configure SW so the conversion is not done for .jpg and .png graphics types.

The only way to include .pdf files is to use the \includegraphics statement directly.  Search this forum for "graphicspath" to find several previous discussions about using .pdf files as graphics.

 You may want to add graphicx

 You may want to add graphicx package and add in the designated space