Several questions

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1. How to change the margin (to top/bottom/left/right) of one or some specific pages where I have relatively large graphs?

2. Graphics: how to adjust the space (distance) between the text (the title/explanation) above figure and the figure itself?

Does it matter that figure is put in a DISPLAY or not?


1. This is nontrivial.  See

1. This is nontrivial.  See for the UKTUG FAQ response to this question.  The chngpage package is often used.  This package is not included with SW, so it would have to be downloaded and installed.

2. If you mean the distance between the caption and the figure, LaTeX defines the lengths \abovecaptionskip and \belowcaptionskip.  The you could try adding \setlength\abovecaptionskip{12pt} to the document preamble. 

If you are referring to a mathematics display, you should  never put a graphics object inside a mathematics display.  When you use File, Import Picture, there are three placement options available, inline, displayed, and floating.  When you place a graphics inside a mathematics display, only inline placement can be used.  The automatic numbering of figures and the generation of a list of figures is available only when floating placement is used.

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Thanks for the answering the

Thanks for the answering the first one. I changed margins for mainbody and for graphics separately (in two files) and combine them later in PDF.  Why inserting blank lines at the begining of a page (using ENTER) won't change the distance between top and the beginning of text?


I use File, Import Picture, and the options for floating and displayed is still grey. I used eps files.

Also I can not input greek letter in the caption?

As far as I know, the only

As far as I know, the only way to have the displayed and floating placement options disabled is if you are forcing the graphics to be in math mode. 

You should be able to add Greek characters to the Caption Text field on the Labeling tab.  If you are using the caption TeX field for floating tables (when using the Table - (4x3, floating) fragment), then see 598: Using mathematics in a caption or other TeX field.