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 I have a question about font of mathematical symbols.

When I set them to tiny/scriptsize, it looks changed in the doc but when typeset, it is still larger than other text.

For example, in the attached file, theta = 0 is not in correct font size. Thanks

First of all, don't do it. 

First of all, don't do it.  TeX/LaTeX already takes font size in mathematics into account, depending on inline vs. displayed math and two levels of sub/superscript positions.

Next, SW doesn't let you do it to math.  The interface is deceptive in that it looks like you can apply certain text tags to mathematics, but if you inspect the saved .tex file you will see that the mathematics is not tagged.

Thirdly, don't do it.  But, if you insist, insert encapsulated TeX fields, use encapsulated TeX fields to avoid surprise tagging the next time you open your document, to add the LaTeX font sizing commands.   The complete set of
LaTeX font sizing commands, from smallest to largest, is:


Return to the default font size by adding an encapsulated TeX field containing \normalsize to the document.

Finally:  Don't do it!

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 But I notice inside a Table,

 But I notice inside a Table, if I change the mathematica expression's size, for example, greek letters, it work well. But it won'r work if placed in bracket using (CTRL+SHIFT+()).

What is the reason?

Further, if I have mixed text with mathematical expressions and I would like to reduce size of this part (for example, these are notes below a table summarizing results), what would I do is the best way?



You would have to inspect the

You would have to inspect the .tex file directly to see why sometimes the sizing works and sometimes it doesn't.  This relates to the second point in my previous reply.

You would need to use encapsulated TeX fields with the sizing commands to change the size of text and math.