Copying equations into Microsoft Word not working correctly

I am a brand new user and have a problem. Creating equations in SW is very easy. I can highlight an equation, right click and use the 'Copy Picture' option to copy and paste it into a Microsoft Word document. It looks beautiful, just like the presentation within SW. But when I email the Word document, the image will display some odd characters (like an image of a floppy disk or a hand with a pen) substituted for simple operators like '=' and '+'.

I tried 'Export as Picture' and then imported the equation. It emails perfectly. But the image is fuzzier than the clean sharp image I get when I use 'Copy Picture'.

How can I get a clean sharp image into Word that stays that way after emailing?

 When you use Copy Picture

 When you use Copy Picture you are creating a Windows Metafile, so the content is displayed using fonts.  When you move to another system, those fonts are not available.  You will either have to make sure the fonts are available on the other system, or use the Export as Picture process.  One way to have the fonts on the other system would be to install the free Scientific Viewer program.  You could also then just send the .tex document file with Scientific Viewer available.