how do I create multiline caption

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well another problem arises. I have a table and I want a caption to it appears like:

Table 1

Name of the table

Comments of the table


But my caption does not show them all! second, how do I edit the caption like "Table 1" is bold ?

Thanks a lot!!!


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 Hello, You may find the


You may find the information at helpful. There is a video that describes the use of the three part table package.


 Investigate the caption

 Investigate the caption package.  If you continue to have difficulties, post a sample document and some suggestion might be found.

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Thank you George! I attach a

Thank you George!

I attach a file here, the table I want to produce looks exactly like this. I still did not find how to create multiple line caption and put the table in line with the text. When I typeset the table is larger than the text.

Many thanks in advance!

Attached is my rendition of

Attached is my rendition of your table.  I just used an empty caption because it looks like the text should be in the body of the table, below the table heading.  I also added a couple of TeX fields (modified the [B] TeX field) to introduce some sizing differences to narrow the table.  I also added the caption package and selected options to turn off the separator after the table number and to change the font used for the caption label.

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Thank you so much George for

Thank you so much George for the effort!!

I went through the "help" on table, and still got the following question mark:

under the title line, there is a texfiled of "4.7in". I dont know how did you insert this here, since it appears to control the width of the table (339 points) when I double click on it and shows the caption content when I right click it on properties.

I appreciate it!!

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... now i see that 4.7in is

... now i see that 4.7in is the width of that cell.


but is there a command to automatically adjust the size of the table so that the width of the entire table is the same as the text?

many thanks!

No, that's not available. 

No, that's not available.  You could use the layout package to find out the text width and then you can set a column width to match.

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Thanks George. I followed

Thanks George. I followed your advice, add the layout package, enter a TeX field and type \layout and click OK. But nothing happened, there is no immediate draw of the layout of my document. I noticed that the package does not work for shells, so I used a Standard Latex.

I want to know the layout of my text so that I could adjust the table. What do I do next?


Make sure the \layout TeX

Make sure the \layout TeX field is in a Body Text paragraph and not inside some other object (like a table).  As far as I know, this package would work with any document.

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Dear George, would you please

Dear George, would you please have a look at the .tex file I uploaded? The \layout Tex field is added but I still see nothing. How is it supposed to show my page layout?

Thanks a lot!

Works for me.  The layout is

Works for me.  The layout is displayed when you typeset the document.