how do I edit the pdf output

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i have been searching for several hours but did not get it at all. How the hell can I edit the format for the pdf output. the font, the space between paragraphs, etc all look fine in DVI preview, but when convert to pdf, it is NOT following my format at all!! especially, the table in pdf preview is out of size of the text!!!

help please!!!! Many thanks!!!

The typeset output for DVI or

The typeset output for DVI or PDF should be equivalent, if not identical.  Post a sample .tex file and the DVI and PDF typeset results.  Also, post the .log file for the PDF compile (save the document before compiling, and compile for PDF last as the compile for either DVI or PDF generates a .log file).

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Thanks George, I figured it

Thanks George, I figured it out after a looooon time search.

Great day!