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Hi everybody,

I'm new to this forum. I've already tried to find the answer in other topics, but I didn't find anything..

My problem is that I want to put the Table of Contents at the second page of the pdf (in the first one I just want to keep the title).

Of course I tried to put a "new page" break in the front matter, but it dosn't work.. I guess I must work with some incapsulated tex field, but how and where?

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This is based on the

This is based on the typesetting specifications of the .cls file you are using. If you are starting with the standard LaTeX article shell, the title and author information will be on the first page if you choose Typeset, Options and Packages, Class Options, Modify, Title Page, and select the titlepage option.

The procedure will vary when using other shells. If you could let us know which shell you are using or if you want to send a small sample document to, we should be able to provide more specific advice.

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Yes, it is a standard

Yes, it is a standard article, yes it works, thanks a lot!

Just another related question. If after the TOC I wanted to put the list of tables in a new page, how would I do? I ask you this because in the Class Options it seems that it is not possible to directly solve this issue.

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The Standard LaTeX article

The Standard LaTeX article shell isn't really designed for this, but you can work around it as follows:

Instead of adding the List of Tables in the front matter, add it at the beginning of the edit window. At the beginning of your document, insert a New Page. Then, on the new page, insert an encapsulated TeX field which reads


It is important that the TeX field be encapsulated so that the input filter does not place it back in the front matter dialog when re-opening the document.

Then, you can place another New Page object just after the list of tables.

See the attached document as an example.

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Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your kindness. That was the way I tried to fix the "TOC at the second page" problem, but for some reason in the final pdf there was just "Table of Contents" without the contents (even if the tex field was incapsulated)..

Could I ask what you intend with "it wasn't designed for that"? Do you mean that there are other shells more easily customizable?

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If you bring the table of

If you bring the table of contents outside of the front matter, then you will have to make sure that LaTeX goes through at least three passes for a table of contents to be generated. When you preview a file, a "LaTeX" dialog comes up that says Pass 1 of x. Change x to three.

The standard LaTeX article shell tries to include as much information as possible on a page. It does not use separate pages for the list of tables and table of contents. For your purposes, it may be better to start with a Standard LaTeX book or report shell.

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Ok! thanks again, Stefano  

Ok! thanks again,