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Hi, everyone:

I tried to import an jpg file into a beamer template in SWP. But I notice that the file is not clearly displayed, like an overly streched bitmap file. Usually, pictures generated by statistical software in form of eps files (vector) work well. How could I deal with bitmap file imports in SWP?

Any suggestions are welcome.


After posting this one, I found a solution in the board.  'If the graphics is being resized, it can still go through the conversion filter, so you might want to recreate the graphics in the correct size using an external graphics program.'

What would be best size for one slide in a beamer presentation? I resize it outside SWP but when imported, it is still not fitting well?


Path names in in title

Path names in in title graphics. Thanks for providing this solution, it works fine. However, I noticed that the path-names of the .jpg-files suddenly appear in the title of the graphs the .pdf after typesetting. How can I remove these path-names?

This probably means that you

This probably means that you have a space or other character that causes problems in the path and/or file name for the graphics.  Try renaming the graphics and then reimporting it into the document.

If you created a beamer PDF

If you created a beamer PDF file, you will notice that the page size is 5.04 by 3.78 inches.  So, any graphics you insert should be smaller than this and also take into account margins and headers/footers.  I think anything bigger than four and a half inches wide by three inches tall will not fit on a slide.

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Thanks for your reply and I

Thanks for your reply and I also checked the discussion board for similar problems.

I do resize files to 3.x by 3.x using other softwares. The quality of image decline dramatically. Is there any way to evade this problem?

If the steps described

If the steps described earlier in this thread are followed, then the .jpg file that appears in the final PDF file will unmodified from the .jpg file that was added to the document.  The quality of the .jpg would be determined by the software that you use to reduce the size of the .jpg.