RGB mix instead of blue in SWP's beamer shell

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I want to use the beamer shell that comes with SWP but I want the blue parts to be Spartan green.  I know that the RGB mix for Spartan green is R:0, G:79, B:57.  I read the manual but I could not find out how to put this information in the beamer shell.  Please tell me what to do.

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This turns out ato be fairly

This turns out ato be fairly tricky because of the way Beamer is set up. You will probably need to read the large pdf documentation fairly carefully, but meantime:

The Madrid theme uses the whale color theme. So you could start by creating a new theme as a copy of Madrid, say myMadrid. Then edit myMadrid and change the reference to whale to (eg) mywhale. Copy the whale theme to mywhale.

Finally you're in a position to edit the new color theme. This is the part that's tricky; but to get, eg, a red background for frame titles and some other stuff you'd change the def of  palette primary to

\setbeamercolor*{palette primary}{use=structure,fg=white,bg=red}

at this point you can experiment with other items. Good luck!