Problem copying powerpoint picture to SWP

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 I created a figure in powerpoint, saved it as a picture (initially as wmf but have also tried png, gif and jpg).  Then, I imported it into an SWP document.  It looks fine in the editor.  However, when I do pdf preview, the shapes are half blacked out!  See attached.  Any thoughts on this?  Many thanks for any suggestions.

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Here is some general advise

Here is some general advise with respect to graphics and SW:


SW uses third party graphics filters to be able to include graphics.  The particular graphics you are using may be causing a problem for the graphics filters.  You can try changing the way you create the graphics.  Depending on how you are creating the graphics you may be able to save the graphics with a different file version or with a different graphics format.  See and for a discussion specific to Adobe Illustrator, but the same technique may work for other programs.

You can try saving the graphics in a different format and then importing that format.  Sometimes the appearance of the graphics depends on how the graphics is created, or the program that places the graphics on the clipboard.  We've seen success for some problems when opening the graphics in a graphics program and then saving the graphics from that program.  One program that has helped is  IrfanView.  This is a freeware program available at

When you copy/paste from a Microsoft Office product, the product places multiple versions on the clipboard.  SW works best with a Windows Metafile, but sees the Enhanced Metafile on the clipboard. A method that works for some cases is to copy the graphics, then in an Office product use Paste Special to select the Windows Metafile version, then copy/paste from this temporary location into SW.  Pasting from the Office product into IrfanView, saving the results using IrfanView and then using File, Import Picture in SW has been successful.

With .eps graphics you can see if you can save the graphics excluding the bitmap (or thumbnail) portion.  See for a technique where the conversion of .eps files using the third party graphics filters is avoided (this article is only useful when using .eps files and printing with a PostScript printer).

Also, you may see different results with Version 5.0 or 5.5 when creating DVI or PDF typeset documents.  See if you are seeing problems with graphics quality when creating PDF files using Version 5.0 or 5.5.