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I'm looking for the solution to a question about beamer front matter.

I need to insert several authors with different affiliations. I would like them to be displayed like ' author 1(in say line 1), author 1's affiliation(in line 2), author 2(line 3),and author 2's affiliation(line 4)'.

I read and tried what the SWP manual says, but it didn't work. 
Can someone help me?

Thank you.


Attached are a couple of

Attached are a couple of sample documents that demonstrate a couple of possible methods to try.  Both were created using the shell in Version 5.5 Build 2960 with the only modification to the front matter.

The file untitled3.tex uses a table in the Author field.  This is a work around that gives the author and institution each on a separate line.  I added a text tag to change the size of the institution text to separate it from the author names, which is something you may not want to do.

The file untitled4.tex is based on information in the Beamer user guide.  It uses the author fields with an author on each line and the institution for each author indicated using the \inst macro.  The Institute field uses line breaks to add additional lines for each institute, a new paragraph to separate the institutes, and the \inst TeX field to coordinate the institutes with the author names.  The authors are typeset on one line with coordinating superscripts to tie together the institutions that are typeset further down on the page.

The theme places the Short Author at the bottom of the title page slide, followed by the short institute name in parentheses.  There isn't enough room, so the Short Author ends with a bunch of horizontal spacing objects just to push the short institute name to the right so it' won't appear on the title page slide.

Someone with more experience might have another suggestion, but you should be able to get something to work using one of the two sample documents.

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 Thank you George. That was a

 Thank you George.

That was a big help. I am happy to learn how to use Tex field and get rid of the short institute name.

Thanks a lot.