Bibtex keys do not show up in SWP 5.5

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 Hi there,

I am writing my article with Bibtex.
The bibtex has been done without a problem and the keys are also assigned.
However, as I import the bibtex into my SWP 5.5, the keys does not show up on the command window so that I cannot make any citation in my article.
Basically, I did complie the tex file which shows the warning message that reads "...cannot find keys"
But I am sure that the bibtex does contain the information.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.


Did you locate the .bib file

Did you locate the .bib file in the TCITeX\BibTeX\bib directory (or any new or exisiting subdirectory)?  Did you use Typeset, Compile and then turn on Generate a bibliography?

There would be further information for error tracking in the .log file from the LaTeX compile and the .blg file from the BibTeX run.

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 Thanks George! I did locate

 Thanks George!
I did locate my .bib file in the TCITeX\BibTeX\bib directory as well as the following commends (typeset -> complie -> generate a bib turned on)

The error message I said occured during the complie process. It told me that no keys were found in the .bib file.

I am to check the log file.


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I have exactly the same

I have exactly the same problem. I added to my existing .bib file, performed typeset/compile with "Generate a Bibliography" checked but the recently added key does not appear in my list. If I manually type in the key (as opposed to selecting from the list), I get an error telling me the key was not found. My .bib file is located under swp55/TCITeX/BibTeX/bib.

Your description implies that

Your description implies that there is a problem with the syntax of the newly added bibliography item.  Inspect the .bib file to make sure the new bibliography item is consistent with other items that are working properly.  If you continue to have difficulties, post your .bib file.