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I have created a TAG_TYPE=PARA in a .cst file I am working on. I would like to have a leadin (TAG_LEADIN=Source, \source is a command I have placed in a .sty file). Also, do I need to filter this tag; if so, how? Everything works except I can create a lead in. Perhaps I should use a different strategy? My .cst code is

BKGROUND_COLOR=R:255 G:255 B:255 ...

I don't believe the PARA type

I don't believe the PARA type will support a leadin.  The types that will support a leadin are:

You probably want to use the ENV or FIELD type.  Create a sample document using each and see if they give the desired results.  You should inspect the .tex file of the saved document to make sure you are getting the LaTeX code you want (and remember to check when saving for both the SW and the Portable LaTeX file type).

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Thanks, George. I ended up

Thanks, George.

I ended up using an ENV. I tried to use a Field but I could not figure out how to keep SWP from moving the field command to the frontmatter. Afterwards, I thought of using a numberless THEOREMENV; that structure probably would have worked.


See the shell and associated

See the shell and associated .cst for Georgia Institute of Technology to see an example of a FIELD that is in the body of the document.  There are also other examples, including shells in the Other Documents and Style Editor directories.