"Timed out running docman.exe" warning

Hello, all.

I am using Scientific Word 5.0 and I recently tried to save a document as a .rap file, and I got the error message "Timed out running docman.exe. Try using the stand-alone converter." Oddly enough, after clicking "Ok" on the warning, the document appears to have saved as a .rap file anyway. When I open the .rap file, I get the same error, but when I click "Ok," the document appears, seemingly fine.

What could be the cause of this error?

Best guess is that one of the

Best guess is that one of the graphics is not being processed properly.  However, the source files would be needed to test this.  You can try running the SW Document Manager directly to wrap the document (use Tools, Document Manager from inside SW).

Thanks for the reply, George.

Thanks for the reply, George. I'll test this when I have a moment.