Blank page before large table


Initially I was having trouble fitting a large table onto a single page in sci_work (once typesetted). I finally did this by adding the lscape package and using the textfields \scriptsize and  \begin{landscape} right before the table. However now there is always a blank page before the table in the typesetted pdf that I create.I have a few large tables like this throughout the paper, and there is a blank page before all of them.  

Does anyone know how I can get rid of these blank pages? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

For my shell or style I am just using a standard latex article, and the typesetting packages in use are: amssymb, amsmath, geometry, setspace and lscape.



It's not clear without seeing

It's not clear without seeing a sample.  If you are using the table environment inside the landscape environment, you could get better results if you remove the landscape environment and use sidewaystable instead of table as the floating environment.