blackboard bold + Beamer

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Does anyone know if Beamer can be made to work with the blackboard bold font? I started with the SWP55 beamer shell and then added an "R" and tagged it as blackboard-bold. This results in a latex error: Symbol font `AMSa` is not defined.

Any help much appreciated.


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Beamer + pdf?   Is it

Beamer + pdf?


Is it possible to imprt a pdf file (say a graph) into a Beamer presentation? In my case, the other formats (JPEG, ....) produce very low quality graphs when imported into Beamer.




PDF files cannot be imported

PDF files cannot be imported directly as .pdf is not a graphics type known to SW.  Instead, you would have to use \includegraphics statements directly inside a TeX field.

See this thread,, for steps that will allow .jpg and .png graphics to be included directly without passing through the conversion filter (which is probably where the quality change happens) when compiling for PDF.

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Thank you George. This will

Thank you George. This will help (but I second the comment in the original discussion): if possible, eliminate the filter although I am not sure if this will work when the size needs to be adjusted.



The amssymb package may be

The amssymb package may be missing from your document, but it's not clear why this would happen since SW will automatically add this package when it is needed.  I didn't have any problem adding Blackboard Bold characters to a beamer shell.  Attached is my sample document and the resulting PDF.

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Thanks, George, for the very

Thanks, George, for the very quick reply. You're right - your document has no problems; I'll use it to compare its preamble with mine and see what went wrong for me.