numbering in chapter following a chapter with a chapter appendix

I'm writing a book and have the equation, figure and table numbering scheme so that the numbers are listed sequentially within each chapter, e.g., 10.1, 10.2,..., reguardless of section or subsection. I added an appendix to a chapter and wanted the numbering (of equations and figures) change from say 10.18 to 10.A.1. I used the following in an encapsulated TeX typeset object:


Then, at end of the chapter appendix, I put


However, now all equations and figures in the chapters following that chapter appendix have equation and figure numbers that include the section number, e.g. 11.2.1.

How do I get my numbering scheme back to just numbering them sequentially within each chapter?

Within the subappendices

Within the subappendices environment you want to change the appearance of the equation counter and also reset the counter.  Instead of what you have in an encapsulated TeX field to start a subappendices environment, use:


The renewcommand is scoped inside the subappendices environment, and the equation number is reset at the beginning of the next chapter.

If you also want this type of appearance for table and figure environments, add corresponding lines (substitutiong table or figure for equation above).

Attached is a sample document that demonstrates this using the book typesetting specification.

Doesn't work!! In the next

Doesn't work!! In the next chapter, the figures and equation still contain the section numbers. This is beginning to be a real problem!

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You can limit the scope of

You can limit the scope of your commands to just the appendix if you add a


just after the \begin{subappendices} command and an


just before the \end{subappendices} command.