Still troubled by citing URLs in RevTEX4-1

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Can someone please provide me with an example of citing a URL using the REVTex 4.-1 style and BibTEX? I seem to be unable to figure that out. I will need the whole set up if possible, style, etc., as well as .bib example.

Thanks in advance

Jim Meyer

Check the REVTeX4-1

Check the REVTeX4-1 documentation in the PDF files in the directory TCITeX\doc\latex\contrib\revtex4-1.  In the file summary4-1.pdf I found:

\url{<url>} Typeset a URL (REVTEX 4 automatically loads url.sty).BibTEX styles automatically add this markup.

I didn't find any further information as to where in the .bib file you would place URL's.

Also, see for some more discussion of REVTeX4-1 and BibTeX.