How create shown/hidden personal notes?

Hi. Is there a way I can create personal notes for which I can decide to show or hide for different versions of the article? For example, I may put all solutions as personal notes right after the questions. Then I produce an exam without sotions by switching off the notes, and a complete version with solutions for the graders.



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Thanks for this very

Thanks for this very informative post.
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The version package can be

The version package can be used.  See Help, Search, and then "version package".

Thanks a lot, friends!  They

Thanks a lot, friends!  They all work very well for me. I appreciate that.


Thanks a lot, friends!  They

Thanks a lot, friends!  They all work very well for me. I appreciate that.  
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George and  pensivenk, I used

George and  pensivenk,

I used the version package with moderncv and ran into some spacing difficulties. I noticed that you enter comments using TeX fields. Let me suggest that you consider the eqexam package I mentioned. For example, the code

\begin{problem}[5] % This problem is worth five points. 
\begin{solution}[2in] % this leaves two inches of space after the problem in the typeset document.
enter the solution here

Now, change the first line above to \usepackage[solutionsafter]{eqexam} and format. The new typeset document will have the solutions after the problems. There is also a solutionsatend that typesets the solutions at the end of the exam. I used this option to typeset book type documents. 

I created a modified cst file for and earlier version of Don's package (exerquiz) and used SWP to create all my exams during my last five or six years of teaching.

I am working on a video that describes eqexam for Don. I do not have the video done but I am attaching the tex (not SWP) file I am using as an example. I have also attached the PDF solutions after version. The point totals in the instructions were added by eqexam.

The sample tex file has some problems that begin with \begin{problem}[<points>][h]; the [h] means hide. When this option is used, no space is added after the problem in the nosolutions document.




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Hello, I use Don Story's


I use Don Story's eqexam package ( You wil need to create a modified cst file or enter LaTeX code directly to use this style. Scientific WorkPlace comes with an Exam Builder which should be helpful. You can learn more about this by searching for "exam" in the Help Search dialog.


I get a probem when importing

I get a probem when importing non-sw tex files using the version package. The file was from a collaborator, and works well with Miktex.  But I import it to sw, all tags to define the environments for conditional compilation are gone. 

For example,

% preamble



% body


Some private notes for myself.


The begin and end tags will be skipped by sw, and the private notes is always shown.


Any idea how to fix it? Thanks again!





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 Please post a short sample

 Please post a short sample of the file you are trying to import. Your sample should include all the items listed in your most recent post.

test.tex is the original

test.tex is the original file, and test-tmp2.tex is the obtained file after importing into sw.  The begin{privatenotes} and end{privatenotes} are gone. Thanks!

Use File, Open or File,

Use File, Open or File, Import Contents.  I didn't see any problems with your sample text.tex when opening them this way.  The non-SW LaTeX filter doesn't know about the privatenotes environment so just strips it away.

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 Hello, I was able to import


I was able to import your file but TrueTeX does not recognize the privatenotes environment. The sample file you sent--notes that are NOT contained in an exercise environment--suggest that you should use George's recommendation. Also, I would place all the extra commands you have in the preamble in a separate file, say, myformat.sty.


Thank you so much, George

Thank you so much,