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I have a question about the justification of the text in the caption text of an image. When you choose a floated image, the text has a full justification and the program alligns the words very nice.

But when you use the option 'displayed', the text is centered and not well alligned as is seen in the upper figure. Is there a way to use the option 'displayed' and still have the text alligned and break up the words so it makes a nice image.

When you use the displayed

When you use the displayed placement, the contents of the display is centered, including the caption text.  When using floating placement, the typesetting specification determines the appearance of the caption, which imposes better control of the typeset appearance.  The caption text appearance could also be further modified using the caption package.

If you were to insert a TeX field at the beginning of the caption when using displayed placement that contains: \raggedright
then the caption text would not be centered.  While the text won't be fully justified, it will be closer to what you are asking for.