babel package-greek language

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I run SWP in windows 7/sp1.I use the Standard Latex Book Shell.I use the babel package with the english language.

When I insert the greek language as an extra language, the TrueTex DVI Previewer shows the following message:


No file swp0001.aux.


! Font LGR/cmr/m/n/10=grmn1000 at 10.0pt not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not fo


<to be read again> 


l.44 \begin{document}


The two languages are selected to the babel packages with the following series:


I also tried to use the greek language with an encapsulated Tex field but the result is the same.The TrueTex DVI Previewer shows the same message above.

My question is the following:

How i will use the greek language of the babel package???

Thanks gratefully  in advance.

The message indicates that a

The message indicates that a font that is not available is being used.  Adding fonts for use with the TrueTeX Previewer is difficult to impossible, first of all a TrueTeX version of the font is needed and this is probably not available for this particular font.
I more practical method would be to install an additional TeX/LaTeX implementation like the TeX Live 2011 distribution.  Any missing fonts can be generated and you would be able to use babel with the Greek option.  Another possibility available when using TeX Live would be to start with a XeTeX shell and compile for XeTeX and use the polyglossia package (a babel replacement for XeTeX).