Surpress page numbers on part-title pages in a book shell

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I use SWP 5.5 on a Windows XP machine. And I write a book with "Deutsche Buch LaTEX".

My editor still wants some changes (see the attached pdf file): I included some sample pages from my whole document (which consists of 6 subdocuments) in the pdf document "sample".

Surpress page numbering on part-title pages:
I would like to surpress the page numbering for instance on page iii, v, vii, ix and also on page 1. So everytime when the page number appears on the bottom line I want to surpress it.
I dont know how to do it on a "title" or table of contents page, like page iii, v, vii or page 1.
Even when I write in preamble \thispagestyle{empty}, the page numbering appears on the bottom line. With
\thispagestyle{empty} only the page numbering in the headers will be surpressed for the entire document.

Any help really appreciated.

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The .cls file is specifying

The .cls file is specifying that the plain pagestyle is to be used in these circumstances.  A way around this is to redefine the plain pagestyle so that it suppresses page numbers. You can do this by adding



to the document preamble.