Old forum posts are lost! Again!!

In the many years that I have been using this product, this is the second time that a new forum has been started and the older posts are no longer available to search. I am continually underwhelmed by the management decisions by this company. Regardless of their reasons, it leaves the user without an important level of support.

Old forum posts

The first time the forum changed was after Brooks/Cole dropped the products and Barry MacKichan acquired the products.  The first forum was using Thomson International resources, so it could not be used after MacKichan Software acquired the rights to the products.  The messages for this first forum do exist on my hard disk, but they are unorganized without identifying information.  Each message is in a separate .txt file.  There are over 5500 such files.

The second forum was dropped after it became economically unfeasable to upgrade to a newer version, and technically obsolete and a security risk.  The content of this forum is also retained with each message in a separate .htm file.  There are over 9300 such files.  A database was used to tie together each message with the author and the message threads.  There isn't a mechanism where the messages can be dumped out in a threaded form.  Only the message body is in the .htm file, the database contains the message topics, authors, date posted, and other information.

The largest portion of those previous almost 15,000 messages do not apply to the current products, or were one off situations.  Rather than spending time and resources trying to reconstruct old messages (of questionable value), it makes sense to start the forums fresh.  If you have a particular topic that you want to address, please post a message.  If you recall a particular topic from the previous forum, just ask about it.  While I appreciate the value of having a searchable store of previous messages, I was finding the search results becoming less and less useful as there was more old information in the messages than usable information. 

We anticipate that the software used for this forum will provide us the flexibility to offer a better web presence.