beamer - logo on title page

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Does anyone know how to include a logo on the title page of a beamer presentation? I tried to implement a non-swp suggestion, namely, (1) use the textpos package and then (2) in the front matter, after the maketitle button, insert an encapsulated tex field with





but the problem is that this doesn't seem to get saved with the document. Is there a way to do this?



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 Hello, I placed a graphic on


I placed a graphic on the title page using an include graphics command; please see the attached screen shot frontmatter.png. In a separate talk, I put a graphic on the title page using textpos by placing the tex field containing the code at the beginning of the main document. Please see the attached textpos screen shot. You will notice that I also included a beamer logo command so I had two graphics on the tiltle page. Does this help?

I need to add that I saved my files as Portable LaTex Documents and used an alternate formatting system to typeset them.