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I've used so far the typical packages for my work. But now I need to make out of it a presentation. How can I change the format, so that I get slides in pdf, like from PowerPoint?

I'm using Workplace.


Try the beamer package.  If

Try the beamer package.  If you don't already have Build 2960 for Version 5.5, then update to this build since it includes updates to the beamer package and support files.  Then, use File, New and from the Other Documents directory use the Slides - Beamer shell document as a starting point.  The document PackageSample-beamer.tex in the SWSamples directory also gives examples and some more detailed information about certain features and how to use them in SW.  Plus, this document has a link on the last slide that opens the beamer user manual (written for LaTeX users).

If you are using Version 5.0, you can add beamer using the download from the Patches and Updates area of our web site.  Don't use this download if you have Version 5.5.

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I'm using version 5.0. I've

I'm using version 5.0. I've deleted all the text in the beamer shell document and typed my text in it. But I couldn't delete the first page. How can I change it to my own title etc.? Can't I just open a completely blank slides document?

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The contents of the first

The contents of the first page are specified in the Front Matter dialog. You can choose Typeset, Front Matter, and change the information there. You can also completely delete the contents of the dialog. Make sure to press <F2> after you are done, so that any remaining tags will be removed.