Still having trouble with BIBTeX and REVTeX 4-1

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I am not doing the right things apparently in attempting to use BIBTeX with REVTeX 4-1 shell file.  The Class option inserted was aps.preprint with Package options amssymb, amsfonts,amsmath, and graphicx .  (No natbib?). I can't seem to find a Style type that will print my Bibliography. An error message keeps appearing to tell me that the files do not appear in auxiliary files, etc.  Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks in advance, Jim Meyer. (I attach a test file and the corresponding database (stats.bib) file. Your system (and I) renamed the .bib extension to allow uploading by appending a _.txt extension.

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The first compile of your

The first compile of your test document shows a BibTeX error:

I couldn't open database file swp0000Notes.bib

This is something caused by REVTeX4-1 where a BibTeX database that matches the document name is opened.  I haven't seen in the REVTeX4-1 documentation where this is expected, so I'd be happy to have this aspect of REVTeX4-1 further explained.  Since the compile process creates a temporary document named swp0000.tex in this case (but the name could be swp0001.tex, swp0002.tex, etc.), the BibTeX database file swp0000Notes.bib is expected to be found.  A work around is to create an empty file, or a file with only comments, with the expected name in the directory being searched for BibTeX database files (at or below TCITeX\BibTeX\bib).

Your sample document did not include a reference to your BibTeX database file.  After creating the empty .bib file and modifying your document to use your BibTeX database file, the next compile run to generate a bibliography shows the error:

Repeated entry---line 141 of file stats.bib
 : @book{lf146
 :            ,
I'm skipping whatever remains of this entry

Indeed, there was a duplicate entry in your .bib file.  Your sample document compiled and generated a bibliography without errors after I deleted the duplicate entry in the .bib file, added the blank .bib file, and modified your sample document to refer to your BibTeX database.

I then took another step to check your BibTeX database file.  In your sample document I added a citation to * marked as Bibliography Entry Only - No Citation.  This is the wildcard character so all entries in your BibTeX database will be added as references in the final typeset document.  This revealed another error.  The reference iahperd included a URL in the note entry that used underscores as part of the URL.  An underscore in the clear is seen by LaTeX as indicating a subscript, so math mode is required.  Since this isn't the intent, I modified the note entry by using the \url macro around the URL.  This macro is not part of standard LaTeX, but it is defined by the url package and is included by REVTeX4-1.

Attached are your modified sample document and BibTeX database files (yes, I did modify the forum to allow .bib file types for upload).


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thank you so very much,

thank you so very much, George. You are certainly a "jack of all software".  I will see how far I can get with your comments.  They are a bit in the stratosphere for a beginner like me.

Thank you again.

JIm Meyer 


I actually made it work, following your instructions! Now I must strike out on my own. Good luck to me!


Jim Meyer