Large size of presentation files with many charts

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I have just started to use SWP and Beamer in my presentations.  I often use many charts and I was quite surprised to see memory gobbled up so quickly.  I have several ongoing projects that will end up using about 100 MB each just because the *.wmf files are so large. 

The problem is compounded when creating *.rap files to send to coauthors.  Does anyone have suggestions for reducing the size of the graphic slides in Beamer and in the *.tex files?


You must be using copy/paste

You must be using copy/paste to add the graphics.  Have you tried exporting the graphics from the application where the graphics are originally located?  You might have export options that work better.  SW uses third party graphics filters, so you may need to experiment some to find the right graphics format.

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Yes I am copying and pasting

Yes I am copying and pasting pictures.  I am making them in excel or in matlab. I have tried printing to pdf, then converting to eps, but the Scientific Word program will not import the eps file--although it loads a blank frame.



You can try pasting into some

You can try pasting into some graphics editing program and then saving the graphics to disk using one of the file formats offered by the graphics editing program that SW can import.  In SW use File, Import Picture to add the graphics to your document.  You can experiment with the various file types to see which one ends up working best.  Trying different graphics editing programs could also give different results.

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 Hellol, Do you mind posting


Do you mind posting a short sample file that illustrates the storage problem? How do you generate your charts? Also, please post the source file for a sample chart. 


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Here is a small subset of one

Here is a small subset of one presentation with one chart.  The tex file is 4KB, the rap file is 24MB. 

I use excel to create the chart, save it as a jpg file and import the picture to the beamer shell.


I tried to upload the rap file but got this error.

Validation error, please try again. The file you attempted to upload may be too large. If this error persists, please contact the site administrator.


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 Hello, I suspect you are


I suspect you are wrapping the style files. There are three tabs in the Wrap dialog: Document, Graphics, and Styles. Click the Styles tab and check the Exclude All Style Files box. If this box is not checked, you will include a considerable number of styles in your wrap. Normally, you do not need to include these. If this does not solve your problem, please attach the two wmf figures to a new post on this thread.

Tom Price

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I don't see the wrap

I don't see the wrap dialog:

Here is the first figure.  The second could not upload because it was 5.77 MB, exceeding the max file size of 1 MB/

thank you for your help.