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I use SWP 5.5., Deutsches Buch LaTeX style on a Windows XP.

My editor wants also this change (please see the sample file):

I have serveral landscape tables, I used the landscape package to create them. The example table is placed in the center of the page (see page 2 in the sample file).

Now my editor requires that the table ends/starts on the same height as the first text line. In other words the landscape table should meet the binding edge. The table should not be centered, it should be placed so that it ends, when it is read landscaped, with the last colum on the same height as the first body text line on the portrait page.

Is there a way to do it?

I also have portrait tables (please see sample 2.pdf). Right now the portrait tables are sometimes placed in the center of a page. The editor requires that the table start with the first row at the top of a page, eg on the same height as the first body text line. (see sample 2).

I create the tables as floating objects, and I already added the float package. As floating placement option for a table I choose: \begin{table}[t]\centering, so that with the [t] the portait table should be at the top of page. As you can in sample.2 the portrait table is not on top. I also tried the placeins package, but I could not manage to change the position of the table.



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You can force the table to

You can force the table to the top of the page by placing a large custom vertical space between the table and the end of the landscape environment.

This is done in the attached document. Also, note that two tables have been placed on a single page. You can do this by placing two tabular objects within the table environment and giving each tabular a caption.

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Landscape table

Landscape table position.....

Hi John,

thank you, that helped, but still I need more shifting.

The landscape table in your example is on top of the landscape page.

But I need it to be flushed with regard to the top from a portrait perspective. That is in my example file the 7th colum of the landscape table should be on the same height as the first body text line of a portrait page.

Eg a landscape table that is from the portrait perspective vertical moved up. If I add the custom space as you suggested or a horizontal space, then the caption wont fit any more, because the editor wants the caption sill centered (please see the sample).

Is there a in SWP a package or anything that helps to control the vertical positioning of a table?

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Instead of the \centering

Instead of the \centering command in the [B] field, use an \hfill command. In order to have the caption be centered with respect to the table, place the tabular and the caption inside of a minipage environment.

You may have to experiment with different values for the parameter of the minipage in order to get the table to be at exactly the right place.

See the attached document.

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Thank you, that is indeed

Thank you, that is indeed really helpful. Great.