Size Body text, footnotes AND spacing

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I use SWP 5.5 and Deutsches LaTeX Buch style on a Windows XP machine.

My editor wants several changes, which I find difficult to implement.

1) The Body Text shall have 14pt, the Text in all Footnotes shall be 12pt.
In classoptions and geometry package the options dont allow me to change the size of the body text and the footnotes in that way. I wonder how can I do it?

2) Also my editor wants a different line spacing: 1,1 spacing (eg 15pt) or 1,2 spacing (eg 16pt) (in body text and also footnotes).

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you,

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For a 14pt body font size,

For a 14pt body font size, take a look at the extsize package (I think it may be included with swp5; otherwise you will need to install it yourself). Given that swp uses only scalable fonts there shouldn't be a problem with these non-standard sizes. However, I don't know what footnote size font extsize gives you, so it's possible that you'll need to fiddle with some of the settings.

For spacing, you should be able to use the setspace package to get what you want.


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Thank you pviton for the

Thank you pviton for the hint, I will try it.

But I would also be really happy, if there would be another way, since I am not that good in the LaTeX thing...

The setspace package does not have a setting for a 1.2 spacing, I can choose there between 1.5 or 2 or 1 spacing. What is the command for the setspace package in order to get a 1.2 spacing?


The options to the setspace

The options to the setspace package allow selecting single, line and a half, or double spacing for the document.  You can set arbitrary line spacing using the \setstretch macro.  Add the macro to the document preamble to set the line spacing for the entire document, or in a TeX field in the body of the document to set the spacing from that point in the document (which you might want to do for some documents if you don't want to change the layout of the title page).  See  How to change the typeset line spacing or use Help, Search for more information.

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Thank you George, I will try

Thank you George, I will try tried and the spacing is working!.

Beside: I am working with a master- and some subdocuments. I add the setspace package to the masterdocument and then I can change the spacing in one of subdocuments as the documentation describes, I hope.

Do you have also some suggestions for the body text size and footnote size? 

If I change the body text to "large", the headings and the body text size of the table of contents dont change in a proportional way. 

Is there a possibility to change the body text size in a way that the other text sizes as in footnotes, captions, sections, chapters change in a proportional manner?



The sizes of headings and

The sizes of headings and other objects is scaled according to the selection of the body text size.  This is handled by the typesetting specification.  For the standard LaTeX typesetting specifictions, there are three size options, 10pt, 11pt, and 12pt for the base text size.  Version 5.5 Build 2960 includes shells that use the extsizes package.  This package offers typesetting specifications that should be very similar to the basic article, report, and book typesetting specifications and also add sizing options for the base text size for 8pt, 9pt, 14pt, 17pt, and 20pt.

I did look at the 14pt option file that sets the font sizes.  It sets \footnotesize to use 10pt, so even if you use this typesetting specification with the 14pt option, you will still have to make changes to the footnotes.