shortcut key ombinations to mathematical symbols

I know some from swp's documents, but not all. I wonder where I can find a complete list of the shortcut keys for all the mathematical symbols, and mathematical operation symbols, that will definitely speedup input of formulas, thanks!

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 In SW or SWP 5.5 navigate to

 In SW or SWP 5.5 navigate to Help and then search for "keyboard shortcuts".

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 Please see the attached

 Please see the attached file.

Tom Price

In addition to Tom's reply,

In addition to Tom's reply, you can also see Appendix B of Creating Documents.

Thanks, very helpful, at

Thanks, very helpful, at least I can now type in some math symbols, say ctrl+s 8, quickly. But I don't seem to be able to find appendix for creating document. When I locate creating document in swp, it gives several subtitles to have me choose from them. In those subtitles, there is no title as creating document. Thanks for further help,

I was referring to the

I was referring to the physical book that you receive when you purchase the product.