How to save in standard Latex format without "normalsize" tags

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Hi all,
I sometimes send a Latex 'tex' file to a friend to edit. He uses Scientific Word (I use another Latex editor), and when he sends the tex file back, the tex file is full of "\normalsize" tags. These tags make it less easy to read and edit, and they also seem to change the text formatting when compiling.

Basically, theach paragraph/figure/table is now enclosed with a tag like this:

{\normalsize [...text_of_paragraph...] }


{\normalsize \noindent [...text_of_paragraph...] }

Does anybody know how this can be avoided, and if these tags can be removed? Maybe it is possible to save the file in standard latex format? I don't have Scientific Word installed myself.

Thank you in advance for your response.

You must have \normalsize in

You must have \normalsize in the document you sent to your friend, maybe in the document preamble.  This, and any of the other font size switches, are placed inside groups when SW opens the document. 

You need to either place the \normalsize and other font switches inside groups, or more likely for \normalsize, don't use it in your document.