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 When I compile PDF, I have problem that TrueTEX messages reported "Run LaTeX-PDG-TCIMAKEINDEX: no such .ini section". Therefore, I can't create the index entry in my book.

P/s: If I compile PDF normally (not check "Generate an Index"), It'll be well.

Help me, please! Thanks you.

It's not clear why you are

It's not clear why you are getting this error. 

The DVI file created should be the same as the PDF file, so you can generate the index when compiling for DVI and then compile for PDF to have the index correct.  Use Typeset, General Settings and turn on "Use old .aux files if possible" to make sure the index files that already exist get used.

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 Could you please give me a

 Could you please give me a SW-Tex-file including index-entry-sample that you compiled to PDF well? Thanks.

It's the "no such .ini

It's the "no such .ini section" message referring to LaTeX-PDG-TCIMAKEINDEX that's interesting.  I have sample installs of all builds of Versions 5.0 and 5.5 (used to create the patch update files) and this section is present in all of the TrueTeX.ini files.  Inspecting truetex.ini in the TCITeX\TrueTeX directory would be useful in diagnosing this error.