100% CPU Load

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Hi, I use Scientific Word on Windows 7 SP1 and have the 100% CPU usage problem.

Haven't you found a solution for this Problem, yet? It is really annoying!

no 100% cpu load fyi, just

no 100% cpu load

fyi, just installed win7 x64 sp1 and after some initial testing can't produce the 100% cpu problem. Tried editting math mode in the main window, inline and display, and within the Find dialog box with barely loading the cpu via the task manager.  Previously I used swp5.5 with xp.

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I installed 5.5 in my win 7

I installed 5.5 in my win 7 yesterday and found nothing change at all. 100% CPU is still there. please examine it carefully and it is a software for scientific resaerch and the way to show improvement should be scientific as well

I installed Windows 8 with SW

I installed Windows 8 with SW 5.5 and do not see the 100% CPU problem. However, I'm running Windows 8 inside a virtual machine, so the results may not be an accurate reflection of a native Windows 8 installation. It would be helpful for anyone with Windows 8 and SW 5.5 installed to see if they notice the 100% CPU problem. To test, start the Task Manager and SW at the same time. Display the Performance tab and switch focus between SW and the Task Manager. See if there is a change in CPU usage when moving between applications. Also, you can change to the Process tab, find the SW process in the list (swp-pro.exe for Scientific WorkPlace, sciword.exe for Scientific Word, or scinoteb.exe for Scientific Notebook) and check the CPU column when switching between tasks. SW needs to be open in a document window. The problem appears when the cursor is in any window that allows entering mathematics (like the Find or Replace dialogs, for example).

As I write this now using Windows 7 I do not see the problem, so it is possible that Microsoft has fixed the issue with an update.

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I am running SWP on 8.1 and I

I am running SWP on 8.1 and I have not noticed any problems.

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Hi, does anybody know whether

Hi, does anybody know whether it is possible to fix the problem?? It is really annoying!

A customer has suggested a

A customer has suggested a work around that has been added to the 100% CPU section at:  Using SWP, SW, or SNB with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

I am afraid this is NOT a

I am afraid this is NOT a "Solution." To install Windows XP again--under the awkward VPC environment even makes things worse. First people at MacKichan have to aknowledge their laziness and heedlessness in solving this issue.

It seems they "got the software right" once, and then they can do no progress. The 100% CPU problem is a huge one, not just "annoying." Personally it may take me back to working with actual LaTeX directly. (I'm not a "windows 7 guy", but with our new computers we have no choice. I'd prefere to stay with XP, and a good working SWP; but this is not an option today. Not even in Mac: where they allow you to install windows 7 but not windows xp on their mac computers.)

Another point which confirms the aforementioned: that people at MacKichan are not working--just free-riding and free-lunchers--is that I met them in the ASSA meetings in 2008 and they told me Version 6.0 is planned to be out "in two months" (I even told them about some of my expectations like having a spell-checker on the fly, like any other word processing program, and they told me "..don't worry, that also will be there...". THREE YEARS & A HALF passed since then, and, guess what, NOTHING HAPPENED. The 5.5 version is still the only one out there, with all its awkwardness. The 100% CPU is just one.

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SWP-Guy, I really agree


I really agree because I have exactly the same situation: I prefer XP but have to use Win7 and, thus cannot resolve this 100% CPU problem, as long as v.6.0 or at least some bugfix is released by Mackichan. As a consequence my computer heats up quickly and becomes noisy (CPU fan goes crazy).

Regarding the features I agree, too. There may not be a comparable alternative to SWP (especially because of the integration of LaTeX- and symbolic math-kernels into one single WYSIWYM environment) but for text-processors in general (even the free ones) some features have established as de-facto standard years ago, which SWP is still lacking. Examples are configurable shortcuts (missing STRG+S annoys me most) + toolbar buttons (missing "Clear definitions" and "Execute external program..." - button annoy me most) or on the fly spellchecking (even though I own the spellcheking feature, I still copy and paste my text to MS Word because this spellchecker is ways better! Having Word installed only for this purpose is also quite annoying). Instead of allowing the user to make his working environment a little more matching to his own needs he gets another plethora of ready-to-use shells for some freaky journals never to be submitted to or another never to be used LaTeX-package being integrated to TrueTeX. "Updates" like that are (from my perspective) no improvement at all (and not worth a new release number). Right from the beginning I used MikTeX which is completely modular. Moreover, all relevant journals provide their own Latex-styles, if needed.

I really wish that the software engineers at Mackichan start thinking a little more from the perspective of the end-user and focus their manpower on making useful updates for the program itself. If that is not possible/wanted, for whatever reason or policy, I would prefer having no update at all instead of having a "peripheral" and eventually useless one. (By the way, is there a feature request list for the 6.0 RC, anyway? I have not found it). Otherwise I do not know how much longer using some up-to-date text editor plus some symbolic math program is the worse alternative.