How to include code not to be processedby SW? html.sty not there

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This is SW 5.5 on windows. I use Latex2html to process my latex files generated by SW. However, I need to include html.sty package in order to use some commands for latex2html own purposes.

I normally write



latex command here which is meant for Latex2html only \end{htmlonly}

Since SW does not come with html.sty, when I end doing is comment all the above lines before I run the document by SW. Then when I want to run the document by Latex2html, I uncomment the lines again, and run it there.

I run the Latex2html command on linux, where there Latex2hml have html.sty in the system. My question, is there another thing I can do so I do not have to keep doing this commenting and uncommenting all the time?

Looked at package hyperref but do not see in it a command I can use similar to htmlonly. Another option I wanted to try, is to download html.sty to my windows machine and try to install it with SW. Why does not SW support html.sty package?

I mean I do not see it there in the add package menu.

Thanks --Nasser

We took a different approach

We took a different approach for the export to HTML.  We do not use a LaTeX conversion, rather we directly export from SW to HTML.  The export to HTML is then also available for Scientific Notebook.

If the html package you want to use includes a package option to ignore the contents of the htmlonly environment when typesetting, then using this option would be a good approach.  I don't know if this exists since I don't have the package available, so this is just a guess.

SW doesn't know about html.sty, so you would use the Go Native button form Typeset, Options and Packages, and the Package Options tab.  You can add html.sty to the SW interface by using the instructions at Modifying the program interface for added LaTeX packages and Modifying the program interface for added document classes.